Azienda Agricola Palari

The Palari Agricultural Company of the architect Salvatore Geraci is based in a beautiful eighteenth-century villa in Santo Stefano Briga in the province of Messina. Although small, the area under vines does not exceed 6 hectares, the Palari farm is one of the most beautiful regional wineries. The owner, a true wine lover, together with Donato Lanati, one of the great names in the Italian wine world, has succeeded in creating one of the best Sicilian reds, but above all in not completely disappearing a very small regional DOC, the Faro .

In the almost 6 hectares of vineyards, mainly nerello mascalese, nerello cappo and nocera are grown, but also almost unknown indigenous vines, Acitana and Galatea laws. The particular position of the vineyard, overlooking the strait, and a slope close to 70%, the nature of the soil, the pruning aimed at quality, the very low yields of less than a kilogram, and a modern production philosophy are the keys to success for this beautiful cellar. The production range includes only two wines, and the Faro is the company's jewel, an absolutely high-class wine.