Carranco’s Etna wines are made with grape varieties that have always been grown on the slopes of the volcano. Our vineyards are located 500 metres above sea level on the north face of Mount Etna, amongst scenery that is beyond compare. They have their roots in an unparalleled black soil, rich in minerals and eruptive materials such as ash, lapilli and volcanic sands originating from the crumbling lava flows. Our wines are made in the cellar according to winemaking techniques that are still linked to local tradition. The red wines ferment in concrete tanks, like they used to in the historic “Palmento” vinification rooms, and we still use large oak barrels for ageing. White wines, on the other hand, ferment in steel tanks and age in temperature-controlled concrete vats. Carranco aims to tell the story of Etna, exalting its authenticity and uniquenessin a balance between tradition and future.