Baroni di Pianogrillo

For centuries the manor has towered above the “Pianogrillo” hill. It is a true manor house amid cypresses and olive groves, overlooking a green plain known as “Piana dell’Acate”, within the ancient county of Modica and Chiaramonte (nowadays Province of Ragusa). Originally, during the Middle Ages, the building on the hill was a watchtower to lookout for and defend against the Saracens. In the 1700 it was transformed in a manor house in the style of Ragusa, with a family chapel and tuff vaulted cellars. It enjoys a scenic location on the edge of the archaeological area of “Akrillai”, an ancient Greek colony, and a site surrounded by mysterious tales lost in the mists of time given that the earliest settler were Neolithic. To these days in Pianogrillo we keep an ancient oil mill in lava stone, dating from the third century A.D. and inside the farm there is even an ancient early Christian necropolis in an area known as “San Nicola”, close to the oil mill. The manor was an ancient feud of the barons Piccione di Grassura e del Molino d'Immezzo, from Acireale and today has been transformed into modern farm from the baron Lorenzo Piccione di Pianogrillo, the last descendant in a straight line, who deals with the management.