Distillery No. 209

Overlooking the waters of the San Francisco Bay, the No. 209 distillery was founded by the Rudd family, which has long been active in the fields of viticulture and catering. Wanting to explore the spirits sector as well, the Rudds set up their own distillery in order to produce the best Gin possible. Thus, after having ordered the construction of a thousand-liter copper still, the distillation of Gin began, based on a recipe that was retouched 87 times before becoming definitive. Produced in small batches and obtained by carrying out distillation cycles of eleven hours repeated four times, Gin No. 209 is completed with a fifth and final distillation, carried out only after having left the botanical elements to infuse in the spirit. In this way a unique distillate is born, pure and produced in an artisanal way, traditional and modern at the same time, pleasant in all respects.

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