Fondazione Edmund Mach

The winery is developed inside the ancient Augustinian monastery dating back to the 12th century, and represents not only an important historical-architectural document, but also a valuable testimony of the wine-making tradition of Trentino. Over time, the Cellar has undergone repeated extensions, which began in the Renaissance period (16th century) and ended in 2004. The current appearance represents an excellent example of the combination of history, centenary charm and rational modernity. The structure is now equipped with a modern and technological winemaking cellar and a special department for the production of classic method sparkling wine. With the aim of best representing the provincial wine scene, the winery is still committed to producing a consistent range of products (about 30 different wines) obtained from the collection and processing of only grapes from the best vineyards, pursuing the aim of proposing a range of products that serve as an example and that represent the entire enological panorama of the province of Trento. The operating philosophy implemented by the current management of the winery is based on the following principles: full respect for the suitability and expression of the territory enhancement of the oenological potential of grapes application and full-scale transfer of the innovative aspects emerging from the activities of the other centers of the Edmund Mach investment Foundation technological, commercial and promotional actions aimed at enhancing the qualitative aspects of individual products. Annual production is around 240,000 bottles of wine, 13,000 bottles of classic method sparkling wine and 7,000 bottles of grappa and spirits.