Gin Gil Torbato Italiano
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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Gin Gil Torbato Italiano

Working with Giocondo was not easy, the days were intense until the end, he was a cursed Calabrian man. I will never stop repeating him “maledetto”… That year my back pain made me worse every day more and more. My salvation, as usual, was Gil. The doctor found in Sila, by chance or fortunately, something unique and wonderful, a kind of mud he warmed skillfully in a container on burning charcoal. It was miraculous for my pain. The experience gained on a trip to London led him to create a masterpiece. With the very rural  peat, he was able to distill a “peated” Gin out of the world… It was a pity that is was not enough. – Gil Italian Peated. The only one peated Gin in the world. A distillate that was born thanks to the richness of our territory, in Calabria, in the beautiful setting of Sila, we brought the peat to light. In fact, some historical books spoke of it as a real wealth. In an ancestral way, we combine our “low altitude” juniper with peat, creating Italian Peated Gin, always keeping faith with the rural distillation method. A real explosion of territory. Blending in mixing to give that unique smoking touch. Served smooth it will leave its mark.


Wine Gradation
43,00% Vol.

0.5 L

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