J. Bally

"The J. Bally distillery has been active since the nineteenth century, although it is from 1924 that we can start the modern history of the company, which still produces agricultural Rhum with a high alcohol content, but at the same time with a taste very refined and refined.
It is all thanks to the intuition of the founder Jacques Bally who, for over seventy years, in Carbet - a French town in Martinique and an area of ​​choice for the cultivation of sugar cane - J. Bally has been producing its much loved and sought-after rum millesimati .
Starting from the assumption that sugar cane has different characteristics for each crop, to be able to enhance them it is necessary to go through special distillations and refinements. The same Rhum that will become the great vintages of J. Bally, are also blended together and bottled young, to obtain Rhum Blanc ideal as a cocktail base.
After being completely restructured around 1917, the company began to embark on a path of constancy and continuity, always proceeding in the direction of the highest possible excellence. Since 1924 a part of its distillates are aged, while the creation of the now famous “Pyramide” and “Carré” bottles dates back to 1930, both of which still remain unchanged in their peculiar shape.
Purchased in 1976 by Saint James, J. Bally is still currently one of the companies that can boast one of the most important baggage of experience and know-how regarding the production of agricultural rum. Normally bottled after six years of aging - a period considered to be perfect for the distillate to reach the best aromatic balance - the company sees its Rhum acquire very high values ​​over time, so, excluding the very rare 1924 and 1929 vintages, all the other vintage ones, especially up to the first half of the 80s, have a very high cost, and are highly sought after by collectors and lovers of the genre.

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