Gruber Roschitz

Gruber Roschitz is an old winery from Lower Austria, located in the western part of the Weinviertel wine region. The estate has been active since 1814 and in those days, like all the realities of the period, the wine was sold in bulk privately to inns and friends. The growing success and the high demand have transformed the winery in 1964 into a real commercial reality. Today at the helm of the winery we find the three Gruber brothers, Ewald, Maria and Christian, who have decided to take a new path, focusing on environmental sustainability and product quality, using organic methods in the vineyard in full respect of nature. The three boys cover three different roles within the company. Ewald is the oenologist, a conscious experimenter who does not like to intervene in the processes, Maria, on the other hand, deals with marketing and the relationship with customers and abroad, finally Christian, the man in the vineyard in close contact with nature, which follows the growth of the grapes. As can be seen, each contributes to making this reality qualitatively unique. The 150 vineyards extend around the village of Roschitz for about 80 hectares, located between 250-360 meters above the sea level. The small village is located at the foot of the Manhartsberg massif, on the eastern slopes, where the environmental conditions are perhaps among the best in all of Austria for growing grapes. The soils are shallow, arid and mainly rocky with the presence of granite, loess and crystalline substrate. The grapes ripen slowly, the yields are low, the rains are infrequent, the days are hot and the nights are very cold. Result: guaranteed quality and guaranteed success. The cultivated varieties belong to the long and centuries-old winemaking tradition of Austria: Riesling, first of all, then Veltliner, Pinot Noir and in ever smaller quantities Merlot, Muskateller, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Zweigelt, Merlot and St. Laurent. The Roschitz production offers reds, whites, rosés and bubbles divided into different lines: Vineyard designated, Roschitz, Classics, Sparkling, Extrem vineyard and Black vintage. Collectible bottles, original and fun, made even more fascinating by the beautiful "monsters" drawn on each single label. The differences between microclimate, vineyards and terroir make Gruber Roschitz wines unique and all different from each other. They range from fruity and elegant to full-bodied and deep, all however marked by that unmistakable mineral note typical of this prestigious area.