For more than a century, we have been dedicated to the cultivation of the demanding grape varieties Pinot Nero and Gewürztraminer. Lagrein, Sauvignon Pinot Bianco and Schiava are also a part of our winery’s assortment. Our farmsteads and their vineyards are located on the east and west side of the Adige Valley, in the mountainous Valle dei Ronchi in southern Trentino, and in the Mosel, home of world famous Rieslings. The vines grow on high plateaus and slopes at altitudes ranging between 250 and 850 metres (820-2790 feet), where they enjoy ideal growing conditions. Vines benefit from good aeration – either cool fall winds from the mountains or warm breezes from the south, according to the time of day. Whether grapes ripen in the morning or evening sun depends on exposition and which valley side. There could not be a more fascinating diversity of microclimates. Soils are equally varied. Depending on site location, soils can be gravelly and sandy with calcareous components or of volcanic origins. Whether the demanding Gewürztraminer or the sensitive Pinot Nero, each grape variety is grown where it feels most at home, where terroir and microclimate offer the best conditions. J. Hofstätter wines that carry the term “Vigna” on the label, denote great growths from precisely demarcated parcels that embody the quality and style of a particular exceptional vineyard year after year.