Man ahead of his time and with the great insights, Giuseppe Inama since the fifties began to invest in vineyards on Mount Foscarino, which he considered the most prestigious hill in the Soave area. The first bottles were produced in 1991: it was Sauvignon, a new variety for the area. Thus was born the Sauvignon Vulcaia, a wine that reflected the will of Giuseppe to bring the Soave area in the glass, not through its typical wine, but thanks to an interpretation of Sauvignon that, taking shape for the first time on a volcanic soil, could give rise to a completely new version of the French variety. And so it was, in fact, because the Sauvignon proved immediately "domesticated" from the territory of birth, even in unexpected ways with aromas and flavors of ripe fruit. Giuseppe, who died a few years ago, it was the real architect of the success of this project: a very determined man, who has dedicated his whole life to the winery, driven by the immense love for the vineyard, his "second family" as he liked to call it. Now the reins are passed to his son Stefano. Even with Stefano, the winery is proving to be one of the most valuable producers in the Italian wine scene. His choices have often represented a break patterns from the past, but have contributed greatly to the advancement of national oenology. Recently the company has also increased the area planted, in the Berici area: in this territory, unknown to most people both from a geographical point of view that from vineyard, the winery has decided to develop the production of red wines of high lineage through completely organic agriculture. The awards, both for its white wines than for red, merely confirm the excellent work done in the vineyard and in the cellar by Stefano.

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