When we planted the first rows next to the fortress of Ulmo in 1985, we already nourished in our hearts and minds the project of how we wished the company to grow; young but with ancient roots, longsighted but vigilant guardians of the land and its traditions. Those first 50 hectares, in a place so rich for us with history and meaning, were a palette of shapes and colours, a real laboratory in which we began our experiments with micro-vinifications. With the help of Carlo Corino we defined the identity of our products, preparing to issue the first labels in 1995; Chardonnay. This wine opened doors to the whole world for us, permitting us to introduce those wines that nobody knew of and which slowly became part of our overall design. To research indigenous varieties, found in the maps of old books telling stories of phantom wines which were once the wealth of the island, we left on our journey through Sicily, from Menfi we went to Vittoria, then to Noto, to Etna and finally to Capo Milazzo. With the idea of producing each wine in its territory, we went to listen to places and people, learning to be different in different contexts, so we could love, interpret and relate them in a unique way. The ethics of production and the protection of the environment, the countryside and the culture of each place, through sustainable long-term viticulture, wineries perfectly integrated in the landscape and wines which perfectly represent each territory, are common to our presence everywhere. The spontaneous impulse to pursue beauty pushes us to seek ever new ways to be witness to them, not only with our wines and olive oils but also through the projects for hospitality, art and social responsibility in which we continue to invest.