Tari Birrificio

Luca Modica and Fabio Blanco were captured by the jerseys
 of a passion, born for fun and turned into a deep commitment.
 We could talk about love, women, or fishing, but let's talk about Tarì
 who, making the reverse of the ancient currency exchanges bubbles with good humor. New strokes, new faces, an irregular shape like
 the soul of Sicily: since 2010 Tarì has always been the same and,
 when it repeats, it does so to gain momentum and change. The Name is a symbol. It has its roots in the character of a
 proud territory, of whose tradition it promises to become part.
 In its long history, the Tarì has changed shape and size, but
 the craftsmanship imprinted in the imperfection of the irregular circle
 remains its distinctive feature. Sicily is a magical island,
 theater of history and strong traditions. The suggestions of this land should not be taken lightly or yes
 he will risk getting entangled in it like a fisherman's net.