Tasca D'Almerita

The history of Tasca in Sicily is written in the land that they have cured and handed down for eight generations. With the deep respect with which they look to tradition, and always looking to the future. Over the years, Capofaro has been added to the mother estate, Regaleali, in Salina, in the Aeolian archipelago; Tascante on Etna; the historic Whitaker estate on the ancient island of Mozia; and Sallier de La Tour, in Monreale. In a specific project to enhance the indigenous varieties and the areas with the highest wine-growing vocation. Each production nucleus has its own marked personality, and tells of an ever-different Sicily. Next to the vineyards grow olive trees, fields of wheat and almond trees. In the vegetable gardens, in the pastures, in the orchards, men and women work to help keep pace with the seasons and produce the best Sicilian products. Each with their own character, each with their own rhythms.