Nowadays, where speed is of the essence, time has become one of life’s great luxuries. In Terlano it is a luxury we insist on. We take our time and give the wine time; every wine is given all the time it needs to mature to perfection – for years or even decades. The Cantina Terlano winery has a traditional focus on long-living wines. White wines from Terlano in particular have repeatedly hit the headlines in trade publications with their ability to outlast the decades. The longevity of our wines is due to a combination of the high mineral content of the soils, old vines growing in complete harmony, carefully managed vineyards with low yields per vine, and the rigorous selection of heathy and fully mature grapes. Wine-making in Terlano traditionally involves the use of wooden barrels. Special emphasis is also placed on the “sur lie” method, with the wines often left to age on the yeast for years before being bottled and left to slowly mature to perfection. The slow maturation process gives the wines their specific character and complexity. The focus is on developing the complex secondary and tertiary aromas rather than the primary aromas. Proof of the benefits of this approach is to be found in the winery’s wine archive, which contains over 100,000 bottles in a collection of rarities comprising various vintages from 1955 to the present. Some of the wines actually date from 1893, the year the winery was founded.