Alta Mora Etna Rosato DOC 2018
Alta Mora Etna Rosato DOC 2018-1
Alta Mora Etna Rosato DOC 2018-mini
Alta Mora Etna Rosato DOC 2018-1-mini
Alta Mora- Cusumano

Alta Mora Etna Rosato DOC 2018

Contrada Solicchiata is the place where we produce the grapes from which our rosè Alta Mora Etna Rosato is made. Only one hectare of Nerello Mascalese trained in espalier and in alberello, set at 750 m asl. All the stages during the ripeness are constantly monitored to catch the perfect aromatic maturity but keeping the right acidity. The black volcanic soil does the rest. After a careful selection in the vineyards, harvest is hand-made in cases of 18kg transported to the cellar where the grapes rest for one night, protected from the dew to let the temperature drops 10°C. Early in the morning, the grapes are pressed softly, there is no use of pumps enabling the wine to gently extract colour, flavour and tannin. Just 40% of the wine must is extracted. More one night of static fermentation at controlled temperature, and then the rosé is ready to continue its maturation for 4 months in stainless steel tanks first to be ready for bottling. Enjoy it fresh to appreciate all the Nerello Mascalese’s crispness.


Wine Gradation
12,50% Vol.

0.75 L

Strong Pink

Nerello Mascalese 100%


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