Franciacorta Vezzoli dosage zero
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Franciacorta Vezzoli dosage zero -1-mini
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Franciacorta Vezzoli dosage zero

Codice Prodotto: Vezzoli

Produced with 50% of Chardonnay grapes and 50% of Pinot Nero grapes picked up only in favorable climatic condition. The base wine makes the first fermentation in steel tanks where it refines for 8 months and then, after the bottling, that it is in April, this Franciacorta perfects on the yeast for a long time, more than 36 months. After the disgorging,this wine refines in bottles in the way to confer intense fragrances and aromas. This Franciacorta is a Dosage Zero, that means that during the disgorging we add only the same wine. Full-bodied well-structured taste, it shows straw yellow color with a well accentuated by the time, with a fine and continuous perlage. The nose is complex, linear and clean with shades of grapefruit, pineapple and toasted hazelnut. The taste is round and dry with a hint of acidity that gives it an easy to drink. This Franciacorta is suitable with sea crudités, crustaceans and fish dishes. Franciacorta produced without using sugar, but only with the grape sugar that comes from ripe grapes. We use this grape must produced by our winery for the second fermentation and during the disgorging.

Franciacorta Lombardy

Straw Yellow

Chardonnay 50%, Pinot nero 50%

Wine Gradation



Aging on the lees
36 months

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